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A new Tool to Move Finance Out of Fossil Fuels

The Global Oil & Gas Exit List (GOGEL) is the most comprehensive publicly available database on the oil & gas industry. GOGEL 2023 covers 1,623 companies active in the upstream, midstream or gas-fired power sector. Companies listed on GOGEL account for 95% of global oil and gas production. It is tailored to the needs of financial institutions looking to phase out fossil fuels. GOGEL's forward-looking data on companies’ expansion plans makes it easy to assess the credibility of transition strategies and enables its users to take the right steps to become responsible climate actors.

For investors

We provide a special version of GOGEL with common financial identifiers (ISIN, Bloomberg Ticker, etc.) on request. We also offer financial institutions in-depth webinars on the list and are happy to answer questions or provide policy advice.

“This is the database we have all been waiting for. It is public, it is meticulously researched and it is an essential tool to help us end the age of fossil fuels.”

Tom Kruse, Rockefeller Brothers Fund

Data Highlight: Unconventionals

GOGEL provides exceptional company level data for 6 unconventional production categories including fracking, tar sands, Arctic, ultra deepwater, extra heavy oil and coalbed methane. It even quantifies unconventional oil & gas expansion.

Data Highlight: Expansion

GOGEL features several unique data points that allow users to "look into the future" by revealing companies' upstream and midstream expansion plans. GOGEL is the first tool that makes it possible to systematically assess whether a company’s activities are in line with the IEA Net-Zero Emissions Scenario [NZE]. Data for selected companies below.

Our Users

GOGEL users include more than 230 individual financial institutions from 20 countries as well as regulators, academics, journalists and civil society organizations. Their policies, reports and articles showcase the many applications of our data and provide much-needed insights on the intersection of finance and fossil fuels.


GOGEL 2023 data featured in BBC Panorama's documentary which investigates why oil, coal and gas exploration is booming when almost every country in the world has committed to limit the rise in global warming to 1.5 degrees.
BBC Panorama: Why are We Still Searching for Fossil Fuels?