Reputational Risk Projects

Oil & gas projects have many adverse effects beyond greenhouse gas emissions. They can trigger or exacerbate violent conflicts, be challenged by lawsuits or cause immense social or environmental harm. Many projects are so harmful that they pose a reputational risk to the financial backers of the involved companies. GOGEL identifies reputational risk projects and assigns them to the involved companies as well as one or more reputational risk categories.

This part of the database is a work in progress and will be continuously updated throughout the year.


Oil & gas projects can create or exacerbate already existing
causes of conflict and violence. 

Environmental Destruction

Beyond their carbon footprint, oil & gas companies' projects
often have a severe impact on the environment.

Social Harm

Oil & gas companies' projects often have negative social effects
on local communities.


Opposition against oil & gas can also take the form of
legal action to delay or cancel projects.

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