GOGEL Explained

GOGEL is a tool especially developed for climate action in the financial sector. The company-based public database provides financial institutions with the information they need to develop and implement effective oil & gas exclusion policies.

GOGEL In Brief

GOGEL lists 1,623 oil & gas companies active in the upstream, midstream or gas-fired power sector.

For the upstream sector, GOGEL provides information on:

  • total production
  • unconventional share of production (fracking, tar sands, coalbed methane, extra heavy oil, ultra deepwater and Arctic)
  • total short-term expansion
  • share of unconventional short-term expansion
  • IEA NZE expansion overshoot
  • capital expenditures on oil & gas exploration
  • fossil fuel share of revenue

For the midstream subsector, GOGEL lists companies responsible for pipelines and LNG terminal capacity under development.

The gas-fired power section on GOGEL includes data on companies responsible for gas-fired power expansion projects.

In addition, GOGEL links companies to selected reputational risk projects.

About the Data

Learn more about data coverage, thresholds, sources and the reputational risk projects.

Unconventionals 101

Learn more about unconventionals, and why this is such an urgent issues for financial institutions to adress.